Instant Karma

A favorite song by the Plastic Ono Band, aka John Lennon and friends.

But now we have “Karma” technology, as in “peer to peer” wireless.  Cool huh!

When you switch on your tablet or laptop and the wireless Internet access you need is just there. Automatically, everywhere, every time.  Viola!

No more searching for hotspots. You’ll just get to browsing, and the days when passwords or daily- or monthly-pass payments stood in the way of productivity are no more.  So just as the song states “Instant Karma.”


Here is how it works.  Users buy a compact $79 hotspot device (the first units shipped last January) and they create an account. Switch on the hotspot and you get 1 GB of bandwidth to get you started. After that, it’s $14 per GB — no subscriptions, pay-as-you-want-it. And the access is mobile. Walk down the street with your Karma hotspot and your access goes with you.

Your Karma Wi-Fi signal is available to other people within range who are seeking a Wi-Fi connection. All they have to do is log on via your hotspot and sign up with the company. They would get a free 100 MB, and for more, they can pay as they go. Cool thing is, you would get 100 MB free as well.

That’s an underlying idea worth noting. The more you share, the more free bandwidth you accumulate. Peer-to-peer wi-fi, the next big thing?

Enjoy the day.


Is Your Business Mobile? Part 2

Smart devices are taking over!  Get used to it.  What are doing about it?

Comscore, a leader in measuring the digital world,, recently released a mobile usage study stating that 7% of all U.S digital traffic is now coming from smart phones and tablets.  This is just an amazing transformation for connecting with your customers.

What is driving this growth?

  • Increased WiFi availability
  • ½ of the U.S. mobile population uses mobile media (Defined as those that browse the mobile web, access applications or download content)
  • iPads dominate among tablets in driving digital traffic – iPads delivered 97.2% of tablet traffic. WOW!
  • 50% of users made a purchase on their tablets
  • Tablets are social devices

Consumers use their mobile devices to find local deals.  Mobile consumers are willing to share their location in exchange for real-time offers.  66% are willing to share their information in exchange for coupons, 55% for loyalty rewards and 37% for exclusive sales.

If you want to reach your customers and prospects in the future, mobile will be critical to your success.

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