Goin’ Mobile

One of my favorite classic rocks band is The Who.  Had the opportunity to see them at Madison Square Garden.  Best concert I have ever seen.  When the album Quadrophenia was released, I think it was the only album I listened to in the car for at least a year.  Awesome band.  To this day my best friend Armand still interjects “Tommy, can you hear me” into his conversations.  Don’t question this, just accept it as he is one of the funniest people on the planet.  You just never know where he is going to take you or what historical party reference he will make.  Only have to worry when he starts to sing.  As Dirty Harry said, “A man has to know his limitations”.  🙂

Who’s Next of course is one of the great albums of all time.  With all of the happenings in the mobile world these days, some facts to follow, it reminded me of the classic Who tune, “Goin’ Mobile”.  Were they ahead of their time or what?

I’m goin’ home – And when I wanna go home – I’m goin’ mobile – Well, I’m gonna find a home – And we’ll see how it feels – Goin’ mobile – Keep me movin’ – I can pull up by the curb – I can make it on the road – Goin’ mobile – I can stop in any street – And talk with people that we meet – Goin’ mobile – Keep me movin’ – Out in the woods – Or in the city – It’s all the same to me – When I’m drivin’ free, the world’s my home – When I’m mobile – Hee, hoo! – beep beep!

Goin’ Mobile – The Who

The explosive growth of smartphones and the incredible capabilities provided by these devices has and will continue to have a profound effect on our society and behavior moving forward.  As we become more and more comfortable on our smartphones and tablets and as penetration rates continue to accelerate the entire landscape for customer engagement will be transformed.  It is not an if, it is only a when.  The combination of powerful devices and social communications places more and more of the power in the hands of consumers.  Do you have a mobile ready web-site?  Do your e-mails, graphics, offers transcend the PC world and render in a meaningful, actionable way to influence your consumers at their moment of truth?

Here are some interesting facts about Goin’ Mobile:

Very dynamic changes happening, and we are just scratching the surface.

The research was provided by eDigitalResearch.  You can learn more about them at www.edigitalresearch.com.  You can access the complete infographic at http://kubeblog.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/explosion-of-mobile.png

Music by The Who.

Have a great day.