Glory Days

My favorite sport is baseball.  Can’t get enough of the game.  Love all of the strategy and yes, all of the statistics.  They measure everything now.  With all that data, they are finding new ways to win ballgames by understanding player tendencies, deploying new defensive shifts, throwing certain pitches in certain counts and of course looking for clues/any advantage they can by “stealing” insights.  Does a pitcher move his glove in a certain way before he throws the curveball?  Look, he sticks his tongue out when he throws the circle change?  It is the smallest of details that continue to separate the winners from the losers.

A little Boss to start your day.

Changing sports to football, check out the great infographic on all NFL team logo’s over the years.  Really cool.


Enjoy the day.


Five Traits of Successful Teams

Teams are constantly being built and re-built.  Players come and players go.  Co-workers change and just when we thought it was going really well, it starts anew.  Business conditions change – the team was good when we were growing, now not so much.  We have all been on good and bad teams.  Bad teams suck.

What makes a business team work?

  1. Members talk and listen in equal measure, keeping contributions short and sweet
  2. Members face one another and their conversations are energetic
  3. Members connect with each other, not just the leader
  4. Members communicate outside of meetings
  5. Members explore outside the team an bring quality information back

Are you on a team?  Does it work like this?

If so, embrace it.  If not, change it.


Why I Love Fantasy Baseball!

I have played fantasy baseball for many years.  For those that may not be aware of what fantasy baseball is, here is the definition from Wikipedia:

Fantasy baseball is a game where participants manage an imaginary roster of real Major League baseball players. The participants compete against one another using those players’ real life statistics to score points. It can be very time-intensive due to the 162-game season of the MLB and the inconsistency of players.  So you are a real team manager, able to make all of the rosters moves you want, make trades, bench players etc.  In our league, we set our rosters only once per week, on Sunday, and hope that no one gets hurt on a Monday as you cannot adjust your roster until the next week.  Those of us participate because:

  • We love baseball
  • We like the camaraderie
  • It keeps us up to speed with all of baseball and not just your favorite teams
  • We love talking smack

Every league has a chat board where the managers discuss everything from how their teams are doing, pumping up their players in an effort to trade them, sharing the most mundane of baseball facts and statistics and my favorite part, poking a little fun at the other managers.

This season has already seen some incredible posts so I wanted to share with you the one thread that still has me laughing out loud.  It is between three managers – Who Ate My Cheese, Lost on the Beach and MDC or Musique Du Chin.  (Chin music of course.  I did not originate this name but after the statute of limitations was up, borrowed the name for my team).  Here comes the thread – I am still laughing out loud about it – Chinteresting 🙂

CHEESE – I came across this story today on MSN, and I thought it had a hint of MDC in it. – I for one will refuse a chinplant, however will enjoy a cheeseplant, which is better than a face plant.

LOST – For the record, The Arena Baseball League has a very strict policy against Performance Enhancing Chins (PECs). We have received some information regarding MDC’s off season trip to the Dominican Republic and we are vigorously investigating the matter to see if there is any impropriety. There have been some strong concerns about this recent photo of the Chin in his team’s media guide:

A younger version of the Webman! Oh that Chin 🙂

LOST – I can’t stop laughing. I think I just spit coffee out my nose. Maybe my favorite post ever!

CHEESE – He could bunt with that chin. Unfair advantage. Point deduction demanded. Ohh the Chinsanity.

MDC – Now that is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I will need to check to see if I am related to Bill Cowher, best chin of all time.

So there you have it.  This is my main reason for playing fantasy baseball.  These guys are just flat out funny.