Are you awake?

Focused on expanding my horizons the last couple of week by reading about some topics that I am not familiar with.  One I focused on was the concept of being awake, living in the moment. Being awake you say?  But I am awake 12+ hours a day you say!

Are you really awake or are you just going through the motions?  Do you live in the past, present and future all at the same time? When you are engaged in a discussion, are you thinking about something that has previously happened or other things that you need to do? Or are you truly focused in the moment with all attention on that one idea, thought, person or event?

Initial thoughts:

  • Focus solely on what you are doing – this will not be easy at first but keep trying
  • Look people directly in the eye and listen hard to what they are saying – As my friend Brendan says, God gave you two ears and only one mouth, so listen twice as much as you speak
  • Give the gift of attention – focus on the present/the moment

I will spend more on this topic moving forward.  If you want some further information now, please visit

And for you music lovers, let’s go to a song that you can sing and remember as you embark on your new journey of focus.

Enjoy the day and your new found focus 🙂  Wake up!


Video Killed the Radio Star

And our everyday work habits are killing productivity – more on that in a minute.


On August 1, 1981, at 12:01 a.m., MTV launched with the words “Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll,” spoken by John Lack, and played over footage of the first Space Shuttle launch countdown of Columbia, which took place earlier that year, and of the launch of Apollo 11. Those words were immediately followed by the original MTV theme song. And then history was made with the airing of the first music video shown on MTV.  It was The Buggles‘ “Video Killed the Radio Star“, and the second music video shown was Pat Benatar‘s “You Better Run“.  Check it out:

Now onto today’s topic about productivity.  We all strive to get more into the day, be more productive, finding more efficiencies, thinking outside the box.  You know what I am talking about.  However many of us have fallen into some really bad habits that are so profound, it really does not matter what else you do until you can solve for these challenges.  A most awesome infographic outlines the Big 7 for productivity failure below.  Thanks to the folks at Column Five and Marketo.


How many of these are you great at?  Time to get great at other things.