It is Up to You!

Interviewed a great person a few years ago for a business development position.  When I asked her why she had been so successful, she responded, “If it is to be, it is up to me.”  Best answer ever!

Seems to be a lot of excuses going around these days.  In the workplace, many associates seem to blame circumstances or other people for their failure to get stuff done.  In government, does anyone take accountability for anything?  Been stuck on a bridge in New Jersey  lately?  Too many examples of people making commitments that they just do not live up to.  Does anyone just stand up and take responsibility anymore?  How about some honesty and integrity?  Pretty rare these days.  What are the drivers of this behavior?

Well, here is some great advice for you to remember and live by everyday:

  • Accountability starts with you. Grab a glove and get in the game!
  • Accountability is about being reliable. Do as you say!
  • Accountability is ownership. Own it.  If it fails, fix it.
  • Accountability creates clarity. No questions required.
  • Accountability is about trustworthiness. You deliver, maybe others will follow your lead.
  • Accountability is a partnership. Do you want your partners/teammates letting you down?  Did not think so!
  • Successful leaders always show accountability.

Stop the noise. No more excuses.  Get it done and do it with excellence.  Why would you ever do less than your best?  Original article can be found at

And now for some comic relief from Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon.


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Last Beard Standing

Had the opportunity to participate in one of the most fun company initiatives ever – The Beard Off.

This is an annual event at e-Dialog to raise money for breast cancer.  They have been doing this for many years and it is highly anticipated by all employees. The rules are quite simple – For those that participate, you start growing your beard in late October and the event concludes with beard participant speeches at the company’s annual Thanksgiving luncheon.  The winner is chosen based on the quality/humor/entertainment value of their speeches.

There is incredible creativity involved in both the fund raising and the beard speeches.  As for raising the cash, each participant is given a small jar and all employees are welcome to contribute to the “cause”.  Some of the participants gave away Celtics tickets, gift cards, weekends away, sold jewelry, went around to local pubs (Double the benefit) or just shamelessly groveled to raise cash for this great cause.

The speeches were amazing.  We had powerpoint presentations from Mike S. and Scotty V.  One on the history of family beards from Mike (His mom has a really nice mustache :)) and the other on Scotty’s BBG (Beard Body Guard).  Some prepared lengthy and very entertaining speeches, Brendan R. as an example – He believes he is Bruce Springsteen‘s son (There is a slight resemblance, but I mean ever so slight).

Jonathan P. did a great speech about how only real men grow beards.  Don’t remember what Dan M. talked about but it must have been good.  Bret W. did an awesome Top 10 (His wife is very happy this is over).  Eric S., our Beard Leader, did his best to campaign for winning by just begging for votes.  The Webman actually did the song “My Beard” after the classic Temptations hit. Hey, you just never know.  Eric S. suggested that I stick to blogging.  I agree 🙂

After this epic battle, we used Survey Monkey to vote for the winner.  And our winner this year was Mike “The Beard” Lancaster.  Mike comes from a long line of Beardo’s and can actually grow a full beard in about 12 hours (I may be exaggerating a bit but not by much).  Not only did Mike win, but this unique group of BeardMen raised $4,100 for breast cancer.  Well done indeed.

A great event for a great cause.  Congratulations to all the participants and to the employees of e-Dialog for their support and contributions.  And most importantly, a huge thanks to Anne S. for her passion, commitment and amazing story of strength and perseverance.

And now in honor of Brendan R. we end with a song about Bruce and his Mom: