About Webman

Welcome to the Webman’s blog.  My blog focuses on the intersection of life, work, music and technology.  For followers, it will it will give you an understanding of how technology is changing your lives and how music connects to everything.  Plus you will find some great new ways to save money and get on-board the latest trends. For business owners it will give informative and creative ideas for growing your business, reducing your costs and taking advantage of the latest technology.  Enjoy!

I am a CEO consultant, mentor and advisor. With over three decades of executive leadership and real-life, in-the-trenches business experience, my view is radically different from other consultants. The ability to effectively align priorities, processes and people in this rapidly changing world has never been more difficult. At this convergence point, success is won or lost. I appreciate and understand that complexity is pervasive across all aspects of our lives and that reducing and eliminating complexity leads to increased focus and greater business success. Simplification enables results and happiness.

In addition to my consulting work, I facilitate Emerging CEO and Established CEO classes at The Salem State Enterprise Center. I am an active member of the Christ Initiative Collaborative in Topsfield, MA where I serve on the Collaborative Task Force, Pastoral and Finance Councils.

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