Spring Has Most Definitely Arrived

A fine weather weekend in New England.  Spring is springing; all the bears (people) are starting to come out of hibernation; hardtops are coming off cars and overall everyone just seems happier.  Driving around this weekend, saw so many people with their roofs off just enjoying the sunshine.  Driving home on Friday night in my jeep with the roof off was quite chilly; had the heat on full blast though so I could enjoy the breeze, the moon, the stars and of course the attitude that comes with a bit more freedom.  Release the hounds!

The Lovin’ Spoonful had its roots in the folk music scene based in the Greenwich Village section of lower Manhattan during the early 1960s. John Sebastian, the bands leader grew up in contact with music and musicians, was the son of a much-recorded and highly technically accomplished classical harmonica player.  Sebastian was joined in the Spoonful by guitarist Zal Yanovsky from a bohemian folk group called The Mugwumps (two other members, Cass Elliot and Denny Doherty, would later form half of the Mamas & the Papas), playing local coffee houses and small clubs. Drummer-vocalist Joe Butler and bassist Steve Boone rounded out the group.  They had a number of hits but only one hit number 1, numero uno 🙂

I learn something new every time I write a blog.  Never heard of the Mugwumps before 🙂

Convertibles are awesome at this time of the year.  Got me thinking about that ’79 Corvette I owned back in the 80’s.  A sweet ride indeed.  Have always loved the styling, especially the early versions.  Check them out:


I am thinking about the 1960 or 1962.  Someday it will be a reality 🙂

Enjoy the  day and the freedom.