Are You Resolute?

Resolute – firmly resolved or determined; set in purpose or opinion.

What percent of Americans make New Years resolutions? 45%

How many keep them? 8%

Are you resolute?  Did you make a New Years resolution?  How committed are you to change and success in 2013?  Going along with the flow?  Swaying with the bamboo?  Are you committed to your own personal success?

Time to grab a glove and get in the game!  Time to get noticed, have people sit up and say “Whoa, that was awesome!”

Well the ball is in your court! (Enough sports references already) 🙂

Came across this terrific infographic over the holidays.  Check it out. Who are you?


Thank you to MaryEllen Tribby ( for this awesome representation.  Take a good look at this and reflect now on what behaviors you practice everyday (Be honest with yourself).  We all know too many people that exhibit the behaviors of unsuccessful people.  Sometimes we emulate their behavior because we think it will help us get that promotion or the recognition, so why can’t we do the same thing right?  Wrong, so wrong.  Do not compromise who you are.  Be a leader.

Have integrity, do not compromise what is right and most of all do not exhibit the behaviors of unsuccessful people.  They do not work.  Look in the mirror.  Who are You?

And that of course reminds me of a song:

Happy New Year!


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