Just a bit outside!

As we have covered, the iPad has totally changed the market for personal computers.  For a device that supposedly no one needed, it appears as if these forecasts were a bit wrong.  Just a bit outside🙂

The growth of the iPad continues to be staggering.  Looks like it has become pretty important for consumers:

So the iPad is now used by 46.7% of those surveyed as their primary computer.  Impressive!

Looks like it has become a real favorite for non-work related activities.

And people are using their iPads for many different things:

Remarkable.  More on this report from Business Insider can be found at http://www.businessinsider.com/ipad-usage-survey-results-2012-7#what-are-people-doing-with-the-ipad-that-makes-it-a-personal-computer-web-surfing-is-the-most-popular-activity-followed-by-email-and-then-other-applications-11

Well done Business Insider.


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