Music = Productivity

It is amazing how many people at work now listen to their own music during the day.  Walking around the halls, a large majority of knowledge workers have the now famous iPod buds in their ears.  You can also find upgraded headphones from Sennheiser, Bose, Dr. Dre and many others as the headphone business has exploded, with many new providers coming on the scene.  There are also many types of headphones available including in-ear buds, over-ear headphones, wireless, behind the neck and clip on headphones.

Given how ubiquitous ear buds/headphones and listening to your own tuneage have become, the folks at Sonos have put together an interesting infographic about how different job types should listen to different music to improve their productivity during the day.

So to get this party started here are the music genres assessed during this evaluation:

Here are some of the recommendations:

What music are you listening to?  Maybe a change will make a difference!

To view the infographic, please visit this link

Have a terrific day today.


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