Getting the Deal – Part 4

Continuing on the theme of smartphone enabled discounts and your ability to find opportunities that you never dreamed of, today we will cover a number of vertical industry solutions/applications that are aligned to your interests.  So not the stuff you do everyday (If you do I am very envious!), but the stuff you do to have some fun.

Can we dance with your dates?

Here are a couple of very interesting deal sites/applications that have disrupted the norm and provide awesome values:

  • Airbnb – They connect people who have space to spare with those who are looking for a place to stay. Guests can build real connections with their hosts, gain access to distinctive spaces, and immerse themselves in the culture of their destinations. Whether it’s an urban apartment or countryside castle, Airbnb makes it effortless to showcase your space to an audience of millions, and to find the right space at any price point, anywhere.
  • GiltGilt Groupe provides instant insider access to today’s top designer labels, at up to 60% off retail. Become a member and find something new every day for women, men, kids and home as well as exclusive local services and experiences, and one-of-a-kind travel packages.
  • Crowdseats – Crowd Seats gets you in the crowd for your favorite games with ticket prices 50-90% off face value! Crowd Seats is the only Group Buying/Daily Deals site for sports fans. All it takes is an email address to start receiving our exclusive deals for sports tickets to your favorite teams in your city.
  • Goldstar – Helps people get out more to live entertainment, like theater, comedy, sports, music, performing arts and even things like wine tastings, sushi making classes and rodeos.
  • Zipongo –  Zipongo is a Unique Online Marketplace for Healthy Living.Finding healthy natural foods amidst a jungle of processed products isn’t easy for a life on the go. Neither is finding time for fun exercise with friends and a good night’s sleep. We let you zip through your shopping and planning with the confidence that you’re making the best choices for your enjoyment, health, and wallet, so that you still have time for active fun with friends.

OK everyone, go have some fun and save some money on the things you really like to do.  You can find these sites on the web or in the app stores for your smartphone.

Let me know what apps you are using to save some coinage by commenting below.

Awesome day!


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